Frequently Asked Questions

How can I play in the 'for fun' mode?
In the fun-mode you can play free for an unlimited time, there are no prizes handed out in the fun-mode.

How can I play in the 'for real' mode?
In the Netherlands, you can deposit by phone 1,40 Euro per call or 0,80 Euro per minute, and when requested enter the access code which appears on the screen after you have chosen 'for real' and end off with a hash. You will then automatically see the credit appear on the Top-up meter. The balance is put into credits with a value of 0,10 euro per piece. Credit won will collect on the Winnings meter and you can have that amount paid out from 10,00 Euro.
Paysafe Card payment and iDEAL are also available. Further details can be found in the game menu
Every time I want to play a game a black screen appears and nothing happens. How is that possible?
To play the games on our server you need Macromedia ® Flashplayer 6.xx plug-in in your browser. If you have an older version installed or don't have it at all, the installation begins automatically from the Macromedia website, this lasts about 1-2 minutes. If you have a slower internet connection it can take a while for the installation to begin. We then recommend that you download the plug-in directly from our server. Select here for which version of browser you want to install the plug-in.

Flash Player for Microsoft ® Internet Explorer
Flash Player for Netscape ®

After the download, close all windows, run the plug-in and try again to play the game on our server.

When you have a connection via a Proxy or Firewall, it is also possible that that you cannot download the plug-in. If you do not succeed in downloading the plug-in or playing our games, send an e-mail with your version of browser (Netscape or Explorer) to, we will then send you a flash player by mail.

Remarks. If you use a Proxy the settings must allow the *.swf files to play.

I do not have a mobile phone or ISDN. May I still play?
Continue as follows: Break the internet connection. After about 30 seconds the text "Again" will appear in the game panel. Call within 10 minutes, enter the game code and finish with a hash. Restore the internet connection and click on the text 'Again', the game will then start with the correct credit.

When I enter my game code, I get the message that I have not entered enough numbers, what is the cause of this?
Sometimes this happens when the call was made via a mobile phone, with which the DTMF-tones (the tones with which numbers are distinguished) on the phone are audible when pushed. This is probably due to the quality of the tones being sent. Our advice is to switch off the sound tones on the phone. With most phones this is possible. If this does not solve the problem, the phone is not suitable for sending DTMF-tones. Use a different phone.

If I have entered an incorrect number, can I still correct it?
As long as you have not ended the 6 numbers with a hash you can still correct them. To do this, enter more than the 6 numbers asked for and finish off with a hash. The computer sees an incorrect code and will allow you to enter 6 numbers again. If you have finished an incorrect code with a hash, the credits are still added after calling again and sending through the correct code.

My game code is accepted, but the game doesn't start.
1. In principle, every 6-number access code is valid, you may have entered an incorrect code. Try again, and you will get the paid but missed credit added extra. Credits are linked to your telephone number.

2. There was a break in the internet connection. Check the connection and try again. You will get the paid and missed credit added again the next time you call.

Can I play more than one game at a time on 1 PC?
In principle it is possible, but we do not recommend it. A so called "Cookie" is placed on your PC by the game panel, with which your credit is recovered from the game server in case of interference. With more than 1 opened game panel the cookie from the first game panel is overwritten by the other. It is also possible that the credit-account in the game is shown incorrectly when you transfer your credits from the one game panel to the other.

During the game a Parking-amount will appear in your screen.
When more than 50 Euros game credit is present on the Top-up and Winnings meter combined, you can no longer buy game credits. However, if credits are still bought then, it is saved in the Parking-meter. If the credit on both the Top-up and Winnings meter is zero again (for example after a pay-out of a won amount), then the amount of the Parking-meter, with a maximum of 10 Euro, is placed on the top-up meter.

Why can I not call with a phone that has no number recognition?
The enlisting of number recognition is mandatory to prevent misuse of our games and to be able to work free of interference for as much as possible. This has the following advantages, amongst other: Credits are automatically linked to your telephone after an interference and you can also save your credits on your telephone number yourself. We never call the numbers which are known by us and we also do not give them through to a third party.

Why must I mention my name and address when I have won a prize?
When transferring the amounts, a minimum amount of data is always mandatory. Other than the account number we also need your last name and place of residence which should go with your account number. The E-mail address is requested to be able to reach you in case your account number is for example filled in incorrectly and to periodically keep you informed of updates and actions (at the most 1x per month).

Can I also play if I live in Belgium?
It is also possible to play from within Belgium. For this click on the flag in the game window to change countries. A Belgium call-in number will appear.

If the game doesn't start, do I get my money back?
In principle, nothing can go wrong and you will get your credit anyway. Because you can only call with a recognised telephone number, credit that does not arrive at the game are automatically saved on our servers and then linked to your telephone number. If something nevertheless goes wrong, report it to us by means of the feedback form. Complaints are treated very seriously and solved to satisfaction.

My game was cut-off, have I lost my credit now?
A so-called "cookie" is placed on your PC by the game panel. When starting the game panel again, this cookie is read and via the information on our game server, we look if there is any credit left. If this is the case you will receive a report and you can continue your game. The cookie basically has a valid period of 10 minutes. After this time the credits are automatically linked to your telephone number. The next time you call, the extra credit will be added to your credit meters. If you have opened a players-account, the previous game will be restored, including the credit you have left, after logging in. If the game does not restore with the credit you thought should be due, fill in the feedback form in the info panel. Report the credit and the time of the interference.

Are there restrictions regarding the playing of games?
In principle you can play as much as you want you, but we do keep an eye on the game conduct of our players. When we do pick up abnormal playing, we warn the concerned player. But when we are seriously of the opinion that our games are used to misuse calling credit, the rip-off of call providers, the unlawful calling at the cost of others, the laundering of dirty money or other actions which can reasonably be assumed not to be regarded as normal play behaviour, then we reserve the right to hold back the payment of possible prizes and possibly exclude players from taking part.

After I have called, the game doesn't (re)start, what now?
For numerous reasons it can sometimes happen that no credit is added to a new or already started game after call-in. Calling more than once is not the solution then, and is not recommended. It is advisable to send 'feedback' from the game panel where this happened. We ensure that the credits will be linked to your phone number as soon as possible, at the latest 15 minutes. Restart the game panel and start the game again by calling. When the credits still do not come directly, then they will definitely be added the next time. Credits will NEVER just get lost.

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